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Nutrition & Anxiety

When it comes to addressing the physical aspects of overcoming anxiety, nutrition may be our greatest ally. Copious amounts of research are confirming what we have intuitively known: that macro and micro nutrients greatly impact the body’s ability to properly regulate our stress response systems and operate optimally. As growing numbers of people look for alternatives to pharmaceutical treatment, psychologists and nutritionists alike are answering the request for sound alternatives. I offer this information as an overview of nutritional considerations and have highlighted additional resources at the bottom of the page.

The Low-Down on Low-Glycemic

Looking at the state of health these days is a bit depressing. Yes, fit is the new thin, however that’s not always enough. Chronic disease- all types –from arthritis to cancer to diabetes and heart disease is powerfully affected by sugar. Cancer thrives on it, as does diabetes and on and on, like I said, it’s a downer. The good news is that we can do something about our individual lifestyles and nutrition regardless of what the remainder of the culture chooses.

Warding off the health mongers is preferable. If you’re fortunate enough to be in good health, a low-glycemic lifestyle will serve to sustain your health. If you’ve already been burdened with a diagnosis and it’s attendant life-complicating effects, a low-glycemic lifestyle will optimize the health you do have and may put the brakes on further complications.

What Robs Us of Our Joy?

My mission is to raise the consciousness of joyful living and I coach people on living their very best life, so I speak on all aspects of creating more joy in life whether it is through optimal health, financial prosperity, mindfulness, discovering your life purpose and the sense of belonging we feel when we have found our social circle that provides community and whole-heart connection. Knowing what contributes to our joy is one thing, yet what if we turn that around and ask ourselves what rob us of our joy? I know the things that steal my joy and having coached many others, I can tell you some of the top thieves are our relationship, thoughts and feelings about 1) the present moment, 2) expectations and 3) time. This is by no means an exhaustive list, yet if you will give me a moment to explain, you will see it covers many.

Slowly is Holy

A few years ago as part of the Mindful Steps Walking Challenge, I invited Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk to lead a group in a meditation walk at Glacial Park. The labyrinth is circular in shape with winding paths that draw you back and forth until eventually you reach the center. Because so many of us were making our way through and we all began at the same time, we regularly needed to move aside as people passed us on the way back from the center.

As we all gathered afterward for discussion I commented on how peaceful, and calming the experience was, everyone was in close proximity to one another and yet we moved together with respect and patience and reverence. I spoke about how in everyday life; I am sometimes impatient while on the road, or trying to get errands done, etc. What if we moved through life the way we had just moved through the labyrinth? Bhante Sujatha’s remark will stay with me forever; he simply said, “Then we would all be holy.”

Vitamin D Supplementation and Pregnancy

Vitamin D supplementation resulted in a significant increase in serum vitamin D levels compared to placebo. When compared to the placebo group, supplementation also resulted in significant reductions in fasting glucose and insulin, and a significant improvement in measurements of insulin sensitivity. The supplemented group also experienced a reduction in total and LDL cholesterol levels compared to the placebo group. There was no significant difference between the groups when analyzing markers of oxidation and inflammation.
The results of this study indicate that vitamin D supplementation has a beneficial effect on measures of glucose and insulin health, as well as blood lipid profiles in pregnant women with the gestational diabetes.

The Unsweetened Truth about Sugar Addiction

By Dr Karen Wolfe. M.B.B.S. MA I am a recovering sugar addict. Sugar is my drug of choice! It is through my own personal journey that I share and now teach my discoveries about sugar addiction. I was never taught any of this in medical school, so I have had to create my own path. […]

Nourishing our lives

With Dr. Karen Wolfe, M.B.B.S. When we go seeking nutrition information we find there are over 100 dietary theories. As a WellPRO Coach, I focus on many areas of human NOURISHMENT. I find it convenient to classify nourishment as primary foods and secondary foods. Primary food is more than what is on your plate. When […]