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Rosemary Morris

Success Story

“Well Pro was the single best professional decision I have ever made. This is a BIG statement and a true one!  My experience in corporate wellness was unfulfilling and depleting. I am grateful that I had the courage to follow another path; one that includes a unique way of doing business. A way that embraces cooperation, support, and personal growth. A way that encourages me to open my heart in service, and my mind to unending possibilities.”

 About Rosemary

Prior to joining WellPRO International, Rosemary coordinated wellness programs for a large healthcare system of nearly 4,000 employees. With a degree in Social Work, Rosemary’s professional focus has been on service to others.

In July of 2009 she became a Certified Conscious Body Coach with Dr Karen Wolfe. This style of coaching helped her to understand her own struggles and revealed ways  to release them in order to live in a manner that is more consistent with her true nature. In 2010 she founded Wellness Runs Deep LLC. Now with wellness Coaching, community programs and with WellPRO International, she has built a dynamic team of creative and compassionate people.

She is an avid gardener, fitness enthusiast & lover of nature and beauty.  She lives in the Chicago area and has a wonderful husband of 30 years and 3 grown sons.


Rosemary MorrisFounder and CEO of Wellness Runs Deep LLCWellness Runs Deep
Carol Ebert

Why I have SUCCESS with WellPRO International

S – Started with a business structure that provided the best training, strategies and mentoring for creating a successful wellness business
U – Uncovered my roadblocks to success and challenged me to overcome them and grow
C – Complimented and enhanced my current wellness work with reputable nutritional products
C – Created improved personal health and improved the health of my family, friends and customers
E – Engaged my “entrepreneurial spirit” which called me to have my own wellness business, control my own time and create income on my own terms
S – Supportive network for on-going information-sharing and motivation including a powerful leader and team of like-minded professionals
S – Sustaining financial independence thru residual income from the sales of products that I love and others love too

About Carol

Carol Ebert is a creative force for education and wellness. Her entrepreneurial spirit propelled her from bedside nursing to Navy Nurse, middle school health educator, college health service director, medical center wellness specialist, mindful coach and trainer, university instructor for creativity and law of attraction, college student mentor, real estate investor, USANA Health Sciences Silver Director, and CEO of her own business, Creating Wellness Cultures.

A pioneer in the wellness industry, her passion for wellness for over 30 years is evident in all her initiatives. She models high level wellness as a lifestyle choice and is especially interested in coaching others on lifestyle issues, training other professionals to be wellness coaches and helping others reinvent themselves and start their own wellness businesses.

Carol EbertRN, MA, CHESCreating Wellness Cultures
John Steinmeyer

Spending many years traveling the Midwest United States as an industrial salesman, I trained and supported clients helping to solve their production issues. I retired from that career and started a business in the housing industry. I was content with my business.

However, I accepted my health issues: fatigue and knee pain. Over time, I finally took USANA supplements and was amazed at how much better I felt. No more knee pain. Then, 72 hours into the Reset program I was astounded that suddenly my fatigue was gone. I have never looked back because living the USANA lifestyle fits perfectly.

I soon realized that joining my wife as a lifestyle and wellness coach would allow me to help more people in same way I was able to change to a healthier lifestyle. I am now an active USANA Associate helping others enjoy better health through lifestyle coaching. I am excited to be a member of WellPRO International continuing my education as a lifestyle and wellness coach and being an advocate for true health and wellness.

About John

John has many years of life experiences and training in the technical and industrial environments. He expanded into the sales area of the same industry. He then became an entrepreneur in creating and operating his own successful home repair business for over a decade. Then John felt like he wanted to work from home so he, again, opened his own successful housing business. That all changed in 2010 when he witnessed the remarkable transformation his wife, Brenda, experienced with the training and lifestyle changes she adopted through Well Pro International. Now, together, they both love living the healthy lifestyle and teaching others how it can happen for them. They each are doing their businesses, their way. Success, again!

John Steinmeyer Wellness Coach & SpeakerBjoys LLC
Donna Parker

As an acupuncturist and wellness coach, I need a quality product to offer to my patients. Once I joined WellPro I not only found the ideal product, but I also found my ideal business partners and mentors. I have also been able to expand my services to include a healthy weight loss program that greatly helps my coaching clients. By expanding my business to include residual income, I have been able to flourish in a highly competitive market. I think of my WellPro team as my family and am grateful every day that I am a part of this amazing team.

About Donna

Donna Parker LAc. is a Classical Five Element acupuncturist and Certified in Integrative Nutrition who supports patients in making healthy lifestyle changes.

She offers personal lifestyle coaching and customized health recommendations reflecting lifestyle, age, body type, health issues, and weight loss goals. Donna helps people work toward a healthier lifestyle to transition from high-carbohydrate foods to low-glycemic foods, a change that results in permanent weight loss and increased vitality.

The Healthy Weightloss Guru:

Donna ParkerL.Ac. and Wellness SpecialistDonna Acupuncture
Dr. Shona Palmer

Success Story:

I’m so proud to have partnered with WellPro International and Team Northrup! They’ve given me tools to transform my own life and business and create lasting wellness. I’m inspired to be able to offer the same lifestyle education and cutting edge nutritional products to my clients that I use myself. My approach now includes nutrition and food as medicine and encompasses body, mind and spirit. With the guidance and support of WellPro International, I am fulfilling my professional goals of facilitating wellbeing, promoting health and building strengths. My practice is thriving and filled with purpose, great passion and joyful abundance! I am truly living life and loving it!

About Shona

Dr. Palmer earned her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri—Kansas City, in Counseling Psychology. She has experience in numerous health settings including private practice, community mental health agencies, university counseling centers and psychiatric hospitals.

In her private practice, she uses an integrative mental health approach that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. She’s a lifelong student of the mind-body connection, as well as the relationship between nutrition and mental health. Her approach to treatment is based on positive psychology, which seeks to identify and nurture human strengths and make daily life more fulfilling.

As a compliment to her practice, Dr. Palmer also completed training and certification as a life coach through the Transform Coaching Academy. As a life coach, she focuses on nutrition and creating healthy lifestyle changes that support wellness on all levels. She views coaching and partnering with WellPRO International as a natural fit for her work and continues to provide integrative health and positive psychology in helping others restore whole-body health.

Twitter: @DrShonaPalmer

Dr. Shona PalmerIntegrative Psychologist, Life Coach and Wellness ProfessionalDr. Shona Palmer’s Website
Sheila Sornsin

I first joined Well PRO International because of a need for the best nutritional supplements I could find for myself and family, as after a lifetime of presumably excellent health, many family members were being diagnosed with chronic degenerative diseases and I wanted to start taking measures to protect my own good health while helping them improve theirs. I knew that if it was the brand that Dr Christiane Northrup took herself and recommended to others, it had to be the best on the market. Little did I know at the time, I was also going to find myself in need of a new career direction after the economic downturn and that I had made one of the smartest decisions of my life. Looking back now, I see how it was all divinely orchestrated to allow me to find my true life passion and fulfillment in work, a tribe of supportive, uplifting and inspiring people to collaborate with, and the time and financial freedom to move to the other side of the country when my kids graduated from high school. What a significant impact it has had in my life! And you could not find better training for ANY business, than the professional training available with Well PRO International – it is world class! As I often tell others, the worst that can happen by joining this business is you will improve your health, and there is no limit to the good that can happen when you open up to the possibilities!

About Sheila

Sheila Sornsin, is a health and wellness coach and speaker with emphasis in the mind/body/spirit connection helping people create their most authentic, rewarding and joyful lives. From her perspective, joyful living includes optimal health, prosperity, mindfulness, sense of community/connection and life purpose. She conducts classes and workshops to enhance these areas of one’s life including facilitating Vision Board Workshops at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ. The Grateful Goddess also offers products to optimize health and a gift line designed to inspire and uplift spirits. Focused on a global mission for a true health movement, she collaborates with colleagues in alignment with the work of Dr Christiane Northrup. Sheila is a Certified Conscious Body Coach, Sanoviv Health Advisor, Certified Law of Attraction coach, and board member of the non-profit HAPPY organization (Healthy, Active, Positive, Purposeful Youth) . A contributing author to the best-selling Adventures in Manifesting series, the new book, Conscious Business, will be released in December 2013.

Social media:

Sheila SornsinSanoviv Nutrition & Health Advisor and Owner of The Grateful GoddessThe Grateful Goddess Website
Brenda J. Steinmeyer

Say yes when offered the opportunity to join Well Pro International (WPI) and your life changes in so many LIMITLESS, wonderful ways. This is my experience and my story has only begun to unfold.

Each of us possesses the raw materials to be our very unique best on all levels. Following my intuition by aligning with this successful group of professionals was the best decision in my life. Why? Because when I became a WPI team member; I got my life back.
Given this nurturing environment through the training, education, support, connection and experience that takes place under WPI’s mentorship; this entrepreneur has found passion, purpose, pride, satisfaction, values and power in my life’s purpose. My gifts are fine-tuned every day as I coach and lead and learn and share with these like-minded and like hearted creators. My strengths have transformed into results, results, results.

About Brenda

Brenda worked in the corporate world for over 30 years. Much of that time was serving people in the Human Resources Department of a large manufacturing company in the Midwest. Her competency to serve and support the employees provided a wealth of experiences and a profound reputation that highlighted her abilities to expand into other serving areas. Brenda earned with honors, a BS in Organizational Leadership.

Over the years she was a volunteer speaker for the United Way; coached grade school as well as adult athletic teams; served on church and school leadership committees. Brenda also trained and was an active member of a retreat organization and participated in the planning and participating as a team member offering retreats nationwide.

Trusting her inner guidance system that serving people was in her DNA, she studied and is an active Pranic Healing Practioner. Through this energy work, Brenda continues to bring balance of mind, body and spirit to those seeking wellness and happiness.

In 2010, she was desperate to change her unhealthy weight. Knowing there had to be more to life than a size 3X she learned about Reset, a low glycemic lifestyle, through her internist.

Brenda joined Team Northrup, Well Pro International; became a USANA Associate; and has changed her life and the lives of others. As a result, Brenda now coaches individuals on lifestyle changes. She leads body consciousness classes and with her team, creates and presents Life In Balance Educational Series focusing on all aspects a healthy lifestyle. Brenda is one of the success stories featured in Dr. Karen Wolfe’s book, Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?

She continues joyfully continues to mentor, lead, inspire and celebrate life! Having her team member’s success is as important to her as it is to the team.

Brenda J. Steinmeyer Creator and Owner, BJoyS, LLC Visit Brenda’s Website
Anne McGuffey

Success Story:

Joining WellPRO International has been of the best professional and personal decisions I’ve made. WellPRO partners inspire me, teach me, mentor me, have become my close friends, and support me to inspire, mentor and teach others. This business has the terrific benefit of improved health and finances for myself, my family and my team members. More importantly, I’ve gained peace of mind and a true knowing that my dreams are achievable. I wake up each day feeling excited to share health and prosperity and impact others in a positive way.

About Anne

With over 25 years in the wellness field and a Master’s degree in Physical Education, Anne began her career in fitness instruction, transitioning to management of employee wellness programs. Her mind/body/spirit approach to health led her to become a certified massage therapist in the 1990s. Anne’s work now encompasses wellness coaching, energy medicine, writing, and wellness presentations. Her foundation is inspiring others to live in alignment with their authentic nature. She lives in Flagstaff, Arizona with her husband and daughter, and enjoys hiking, trail running, skiing, walking her dog, travel, and appreciating nature wherever she is.


Anne McGuffeyVisit Website
Natalie DiRoma & Gloria Muneton

Our Success Story

Gloria and I both were raised by parents whom taught us to get an education which will get us a good job and then work hard and save your money for when you grow old and need it the most.

Although Gloria skip the get education part because she only took a few college courses and finished only few of them because she felt that she was wasting her money and she had met so many college graduates waiting tables just like her. I, on the other hand felt that I had to still prove something to my parents therefore I was collecting degrees in Italy, U.K. and U.S.A. while also building a career in tennis management which allow me to experience great success as tennis player and as coach to these days.

Gloria enjoys what she does because she is a foodie and I enjoy immensely teaching tennis and bring people to the awareness of their own potential on and off court.

However, there was something missing in our lives and it was 8 years ago when Gloria and I met and figured that we wanted to do more with our lives and give more meaning to it. It was then that we joined forces to search for something we felt more fulfilled and that would help us in creating a better lifestyle and take better care of our health.

We searched and tried so many things and start feeling exhausted and dishearten until we finally found WellPro family and it was like love at the first sight. Everything felt so good and right and we felt expanding from our heart. We just knew that joining WellPro was the best decision we’ve ever made and it shows in our lives today. WellPro has helped us to build and understand how to create the life we want and not only did we find the perfect and safe product to partner with but we also surrounded ourselves with the most wonderful mentors and business partners. The community, the business and the vast and versatile amount of knowledge and support is unparalleled to any other businesses that we’ve been exposed to. When you join WellPro you become part of a caring and powerful entrepreneurial family where each of us is a genuine and wonderful team player.

About Natalie & Gloria

Co-Founders of International Wellness Resources – Natalie and Gloria have joined forces together to assist and guide people who are interested to create and improve their lifestyle through personalized health recommendations and resources for them to make the most educated choice for their path to wellness.
“Our work and our passion is to help others learn how to create love for a lifetime together, to believe and create abundance in all areas of their lives, to be happy in the present moment and to use their relationship as a catalyst to the highest level of personal energy and wellness.” ~ Natalie and Gloria

Facebook: Gloria.Natalie
Twitter: natalietennis

Natalie DiRoma & Gloria MunetonTennis Professional & Specialist in Exercise Therapy + Food Catering Visit Website
Jodi Froehlich

The day that I chose to stop, take a deep breath, and listen to my inner guidance, WellPRO International entered my life. If I had not made the conscious decision to slow down, I do not believe I could have found this amazing opportunity.

My WellPRO International journey began with understanding my relationship with food. Learning how to stop sugar/carb cravings was a key component while transitioning into a low-glycemic lifestyle. Making healthy choices reduced my weight and increased my energy so I can enjoy life!
I am grateful for the opportunity to become a WellPRO Certified Wellness Coach under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Kern and Dr. Karen Wolfe. My dream of assisting others on their personal journey is coming true.

About Jodi

Jodi Froehlich has worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. She chose to become a WellPRO Certified Wellness Coach in order to live a life of improved health, passion, and purpose. Jodi leads retreats, which include “Evenings in Gratitude” for women, and caregiver retreats for families impacted by cancer.

Jodi lives in the town of Maine, Wisconsin. Together she and her husband have four adult sons and one granddaughter. She enjoys riding ATV’s, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, kayaking, downhill skiing, and most recently conquered her fear of heights by going skydiving!


Jodi FroehlichJodi’s Videos

“The support and community I first experienced with the women of WellPro International turned me on right away. How could I not be a part of such an incredible group of like minded people who love to be of service helping others in the world to live a life of freedom in health and wealth? Having an additional revenue stream that’s residual is just plain smart for me and my family. Partnering with WellPro and our product partner fits perfectly into my massage practice to guide and support my clients to make healthy choices for positive lifestyle changes.”

About Courtney

Courtney is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist and Reiki Master to folks of all walks of life in her practice, Divine Serenity.

After climbing the corporate ladder for some time, Courtney found herself drawn to help others in need and after a debilitating car accident resulting in temporary chronic pain, surgery and months of rehab, she found herself empowered to help others living with chronic pain through massage therapy.

Operating her own practice since 2008 and challenged by her own health concerns, Courtney was introduced to WellPro International and their product partner, which dramatically changed her and her husband’s health and created a renewed mindset of wellness that has been put into practice every day since.

Courtney is a native Central Texas girl and enjoys spending time with her husband, large family and animals. She loves to dance, laugh, create and live this adventure we call life. With WellPro International, her future is even brighter than before and she looks forward to growth and empowering others to live the life they want, how they want it.

Twitter: @divineserenity

CourtneyLicensed Massage Therapist, Certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist and Reiki MasterDivine Serenity Website
Allison Hines

I started my journey into health and wellness after experiencing health issues due to living the stereotypical, Type A, Corporate lifestyle. After hearing Dr. Christiane Northrup’s endorsement for USANA, my family and I immediately began using the products. Over the years, USANA has brought me two healthy nephews, no more blood sugar crashes, fewer sugar cravings, rave reviews during my annual exams, and estheticians asking me about the products I was using to keep my skin glowing.

In 2012, I had a serious car accident and was out of work for 6 months due to post concussion syndrome. After experiencing this loss, I knew I needed to get serious about my incoming cash flow. I sat down with my financial planner and discussed growing a business utilizing USANA as a way to retirement and financial freedom through residual income. He gave me two thumbs up and we both agreed this was a great plan for my future. I now enjoy not only using the products, but also expanding my practice to coach and mentor other people as they grow and build their own wellness business.

About Allison

Allison Hines has over 16 years of corporate and start-up business experience. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina. She started her career in public accounting at a Big Four firm and then left to join a start-up serving as the Senior Manager for Client Relations and Product Development. The next opportunity led Allison to a corporate role of Senior Vice President with a focus on developing organizational infrastructure, creating transparent and effective management routines, managing strategic planning, and performance/ talent development for employees.

Throughout this process, Allison came to the conclusion that she often traded her time spent working in exchange for exhaustion and illness. She made a decision to help others decide to not choose the path where illness is a consequence of your success. Allison expanded her professional training and services to include Martha Beck Life Coach Certification. She also signed up at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach giving her the opportunity to truly provide a mind / body solution to her clients.
Allison’s Life Coaching Practice focuses on successful, Type A women that realize there is more to life than the daily grind and meeting society’s expectations. Her clients receive immediate results in increasing satisfaction with their current life and make conscious movements towards fulfilling their life’s purpose. Important to the process are implementing healthy living strategies, extreme self-care, and time for play.

In 2013, Allison expanded her practice to offer Business Coaching to highly motivated and inspired individuals that want to jump-start their wellness practice. The coaching takes her collective 16 years of business experience and her investment in over $100k in education and training to provide a system for future health coaches to launch their business utilizing USANA as their product partner. These individuals work directly with Allison and the WellPro International team to master the proven tools and systems needed to produce immediate business results.

USANA Website:
Twitter: @coachallisonh

Allison HinesBusiness and Life Coach, USANA specialistCoaching Website
Michelle Wald

About Michelle

Michelle Wald has been passionate about helping people from a young age. She has practiced in many venues as a PT since graduating Physical Therapy school in 1991. Presently she runs own personal practice since 2001 specializing in the structural bodywork. Integrating Wellness Coaching to her business with Wellpro International has been a natural addition to her practice because it Michelle’s work is focused on the whole person, prioritizing overall wellness to improve client’s functional movement and balance. Pulling from her experience as a Physical Therapist, Michelle practices the advanced and integrated system of Aston Kinetics (assessment, massage, movement coaching, fitness and ergonomics). Michelle has helped hundreds of clients reduce and alleviate pain and increase function and range of motion. Clients have reported improved overall health benefits from taking the USANA products in the form of better energy, improved test results and less pain.

Phone: (512)633-7471

Michelle WaldPT, LMT, Advanced Aston-Kinetics Practitioner since 2001, Aston Teacher in TrainingPersonal Website
Barb Badolati

Having started and operated several wellness businesses throughout the past 25 years, I am thrilled to be part of WellPRO International for many reasons.

1. Systems, Materials and Programs already created. This allows me the time and energy for expanding my business and focusing on my clients and students. Plus, the quality of these items are professional and top-notch … something I’m proud to put my name on.

2. Products, Coaching and a Product Partner with Integrity. This builds my confidence, abilities and services. I have more to offer not only in my business, but in my personal life.

3. Immense Enrichment that I experience through my Connection with other WellPRO International Associates. These are amazing men and women who value health, appreciate financial independence, and are dedicated to serving others. The support, guidance, love and trust is like no other.

About Barb

Barb’s incredibly gratifying personal transformation led her to want to help others. Now, as a devoted student and teacher of holistic health and wellness, Barb has developed a variety of effective programs throughout North America for over twenty years.

Barb is the founder and owner of BE Alive and Well and co-founder of Muskegon Yoga Center. She is a sought-after speaker, women’s empowHERment facilitator, licensed wellness-life coach and nutritional counselor. Barb has been published extensively in leading women’s health magazines and is the producer of guided meditation and yoga instruction recordings.

Barb holds a B.S. in Health Education with an emphasis on exercise physiology and has earned advanced certification in Yoga, Nutrition, Fitness Training and Expressive Dance from the American Council on Exercise, Cooper Clinic for Aerobics Research, Louise Hay Heart Inspired, JourneyDance, 5Rythms, and Nia. One of the “first” to teach traditional yoga along the Michigan lakeshore in 1995, Barb is a Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance®, and travels internationally teaching and training

Twitter: @BarbaraBadolati

Barb BadolatiWellness Coach and Yoga Instructor, Speaker Visit Barb’s Website
Lynn Bakken

“As a Nurse Practitioner, Health & Wellness Coach and business owner I’m always seeking opportunities for personal growth, business support and prosperity with ease. WellPRO International brought those opportunities into my life. As a busy clinician and business owner I’ve found the support of the WellPRO team to be there for me, each and every day. This support gives me the space and time to be with clients and business associates, supporting them in reaching their health and prosperity goals. I couldn’t ask for a better business partnership than WellPRO International. Families depend on me daily for knowledge about nutrition and nutritional supplements. After much personal searching, I partnered with USANA Health Sciences for products far superior to others on the market. USANA’s lines of supplements, low-glycemic nutritionals and skin care, support the body from the inside out fostering healthy cellular function for the entire family. Since partnering with USANA and WellPRO International I’ve never looked back.”

About Lynn

Lynn Bakken, PNP is a nationally known health care provider and speaker with over 25 years of expertise helping children and families achieve optimal health, with a passion to remove the face of children from the onset of obesity related chronic disease: “family by family”. Knowledgeable in nutrition across the life span, healthy weight management for all ages, safe and appropriate nutritionals and healthy supplementation for children, teens and adults. She has presented at many national conferences on the topics of: nutrition, proper supplementation for children, the relationship between food & mood, use complementary and alternative healing modalities, development of integrative medicine practices for the underserved, and safe and effective use of botanicals. In 2006 Lynn completed a 2 year Integrative Medicine fellowship though the University of Arizona under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil. In 2009 Lynn began Options in Health LLC a health & wellness business focused on guiding and supporting others in creating their Extraordinary Lives. Lynn enjoys all the outdoor life Colorado has to offer, including hiking, gardening, snow shoeing and spending time with her wonderful husband, gown daughter and extended family.


Lynn BakkenPediatric Nurse Practitioner, Health & Wellness Coach, Founder and CEO of Options In Health LLCWebsite
Susan Tate

Thanks to WellPRO International and my association with Team Northrup and USANA, I now have more creative time, more opportunities to travel to see my children and grandchildren, more money, more freedom, the ability to be more generous financially, more like-minded colleagues—and my health is more vibrant than ever. This opportunity landed joyfully in my lap in 2007 and is the BEST financial (and personal growth) decision I ever made.

Dr. Deborah Kern and Dr. Karen Wolfe are masterful in presenting training that is science-based, pleasure-based, passion-based, and customer service-based. Through WellPRO and USANA, I get to earn while I learn. I feel like I’ve earned another master’s degree. As a lifelong learner, it doesn’t get any better than this!

I own a global health and wellness business with systems in place to pay me even when I’m away from home. I am treated well, paid well, and find joy in supporting others in enhancing their wellness.
I am passionate about creating and inspiring individual, community, and global wellness. To align myself with WellPRO International, who shares that vision, has been quite the gift.

About Susan

Susan Tate loves being a mother and a grandmother and treasures those titles above all others. A respected health educator for over forty years, she is widely recognized for being a wellness visionary who inspires healthy choices from an empowering, loving, and compassionate perspective. That perspective was evident when she wrote the first edition of Into the Mouths of Babes in 1984. It was one of the first infant nutrition books ever published to offer guidance and recipes for feeding babies a healthy vegetarian diet. The third (completely updated and lovingly revised) edition was published in 2013. Susan is also the author of Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit; AIDS & HIV Education: Effective Teaching Strategies; and Working Together to Prevent Sexual Assault.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2000, she founded Washington Wellness Associates. Prior to that time, Susan served as the director of health promotion and assistant professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia for many years. She is a certified black belt Nia instructor who teaches internationally and delights in being known as a dancing grandmother. Having the opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Christiane Northrup and partnering with WellPRO and USANA in 2007 provided the perfect expansion for her business. Susan lives in the Seattle area.


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Susan TateAuthor, Teacher, Wellness VisionaryWave Wellness Website
Shanti Matulewski

The amount of personal growth and awakening that has been brought about from just saying YES to a Sugar/Carb Cleanse over a year ago is awe inspiring. I was saying YES to changing the direction of my life. I surprisingly landed smack dab in the middle of a business model with heart and a Team in alignment with my core values including true community, the health and wealth connection and the law of attraction. It’s like a magical blink of my eyes, then poof! I’m a WellPro International Certified Wellness Coach and have the extreme good fortune of working with and learning from people that I admire like Christiane Northrup, Kate Northrup, Dr. Deb Kern and Dr. Karen Wolfe. We are out here on the leading edge, sharing how it is indeed possible to thrive while being in service to others and holding an open door for those ready to step out of the daily grind into new possibilities.

About Shanti

Shanti Matulewski owns Vanityfire Photography and loves to support women entrepreneurs through crafting their online presence with fantastic photos that radiate their best selves. Shanti can deliver portraits that your soul recognizes. With a mind for how women can turn their business dreams into reality, Shanti loves being a resource in any way possible. Helping others realize that there is a way to find financial freedom without the stress of the traditional Rat Race has become her super-charged intention. Working in alignment with WellPro International and sensing all the potential ways we can not only compliment but transform lives is astounding! She knows we are all here to share our gifts, talents and abilities and that we deserve to live the best life we can imagine and have the health and vitality to do so.
Shanti and her two teen daughters have wanderlust big time. The opportunity for International expansion with this business is exciting and 100% attainable.


Shanti MatulewskiPhotographer and Certified Wellness CoachShanti Clarity Website